Requirements for the Conference Report

1) Title of the report in the middle of the line (first word begins with a capital letter ; without a dot): font Times New Roman № 14, bold.


Problematic issues of jurisdiction in criminal cases

2) Below, in one space, in the middle – last name, first name, patronymic of the author ; supervisor (if any), full name of the institution where the author works / studies: italics, font Times New Roman № 14.


Kostenko Roman Viktorovych, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Zaporizhia National University

3) In one space the text of report, which must meet the following requirements: A-4 format, margins: top, bottom, left, right – 2 cm, font Times New Roman № 14, line spacing 1.0.

4) The list of used sources (without repetitions) is made out at the end of the text under the name “Literature”. In the text, footnotes are indicated by square brackets indicating the ordinal number of the source in the list and through a comma – page (pages) numbers. F.i.: [4, p. 89].

Text size: up to 5-6 pages with a list of used sources.