General Information

The Law Faculty invites you to participate in the International scientific-practical conference “Current issues of legal science” to the 30th anniversary of the faculty.

The purpose of the conference is held to conduct a comprehensive scientific review of contemporary legal issues in Ukraine and the world, its adaptability and compliance with today’s requirements, with the efforts of scholars from all over Ukraine and foreign scholars engaged in jurisprudence research.

Venue: Zaporizhzhya National University.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Organization Committee also offers online participation to the conference

Scientists, post-graduate students and young scientists of law faculties of higher education and/or scientific institutions are invited to participate in the conference.

Practitioners (judges, lawyers, prosecutors, notaries, public finance auditors and others) from Ukraine and other countries of the world can also take part.

Conference languages: Ukrainian, English.

Scholars from any country where Ukrainian and / or English are not official language, can add an abstract of the report (scientific article) in their native language (max 5-7 sentences). This will help to correctly understand the meanings that the scientist put into the words (passed through them)

The work of the following sections is planned within the conference:

1. History and theory of state and law, philosophy of law;

2. Constitutional law, public international law;

3. Civil law and process, family law, housing law, private international law;

4. Commercial law and process;

5. Labor law, social security law;

6. Environmental, land, agricultural law;

7. Administrative law and process, financial (tax&budget), information law;

8. Criminal law, criminal executive law, criminal procedure, criminology, criminalistics.

The event is part of the project “European convergence of legal, economic and cultural bases of corruption prevention” under the number 611790-EPP-1-2019-1-UA-EPPJMO-MODULE, which is part of the “Jean Monnet” (Jean Monnet) of the EU Program Erasmus +, with the support of the Executive Agency for Audiovisual and Cultural Education of the ECEC (EACEA EU).